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Batman and Robin

Tonight I actually sat and "mostly" watched Batman and Robin. I think I might have brushed by it some time in the past, but I doubt I cast a second glance at it, because I barely remember any of this mayhem.

I've recently been catching up with the Batman movies (the WB franchise starting with Tim Burton), because I saw the Dark Knight. I was significantly underwhelmed by Batman in Dark Knight, and really the whole rest of the movie, EXCEPT the Joker. I really can't type enough how wonderful that character was. After watching these old Batman movies I'm remembered how 1-dimensional the Batman villains were: even Jack Nicholson's Joker doesn't hold much weight against Heath Ledger's. And to anyone who hasn't seen it: it's NOT because he's dead now that makes it great.

But, Oh Buddy, this Batman and Robin thing is something else! My rating for this movie would be in the negatives, but I enjoyed every minute of it because I expected it to be terrible, and it exceeded my expectations! It was even more cringe-worthy, stiff, and ridiculous than I imagined it could be. I didn't really like Batman Forever because it was so "meh", but Batman and Robin was so exponentially worse that it was a good time! I didn't want to turn away because I might miss some more stiff acting or another pun about ice or plants.

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