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My Red Hat - An Interweb Experiment

This journal is part of yet another digital journey into the etherial bowels of the internet. In the past I've abandoned my digital potential for other pursuits such as retail management and reading all the New Yorkers ever printed, and come back to find that my real life friends have abandoned livejournal, or maybe gotten new journals they didn't tell me about. Either way, I'm back to burrow my personal thoughts, expressions, and other creations into my respective corner of the interweb.

And this time I'm not gonna sit idly back with sporadic cryptic postings, or emo indulgences. It seems that while I've been away everyone in the world has learned web design and created about a million blogs with pictures of their babies or homeless people. Everyone is setting up adverblogs full of senseless half-assed posts in an attend to generate clicks and revenue. Why didn't Warhol warn us that in the future everyone was going to have their own personal webfomercial! Everyone's also got sparkly butterfly things and swirly Photoshopped backgrounds. Oh, and then there's Flash! Oh my. I don't even know all the things I cannot do that 13-year-olds and stay-at-home dads everywhere are kicking my ass with.

But now's the time to take it on, it's time for me to join the game and see how I stack up, and I've started an experiment - theredfedora.com. If you visit this site, you'll find a noirish look tripped out with Betty Noir font even! You'll also find that the picture moves when you adjust the size of your browsers and for some reason the whole thing left justifies is most browsers. None of this was intentional, because I am such a noob. But things will get better, and for the two of you who might stumble upon my humble live journal thing, you are invited to watch the evolution of my web design skills, and also, the main function of my Red Fedora Site, my blogosphere.

I've got a list of blogs that I'm starting about things I like: music, film, books, food, news and current events, graphic novels, etc. I plan to add more if I can ever keep up with the ones I have, like children. But I might have one two many glasses of wine one night, and another blog might be created. These things happen. My goal is to create a passel of immaculately designed blogs with substance that contribute positively to the global online conversation and exchange of ideas. Let's cut through the crap and get to the meat of things!

So, if you want to check out how my experiment's doing: http://www.theredfedora.com

Click around the blogs, see what's up.

And, of course, I can't do this all alone. Eventually I'm gonna need some really engaging, writers that are cool like the backside of a pillow to help me out.

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