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more than a hat

28 September 1982
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I'm a freelance writer and graphic designer. I'm a voracious reader, and have an eclectic aesthetic. I've got soul, but no rhythm.

abandoned factories, alice in wonderland, alphaville, anxiety, avocados, belle & sebastian, bill murray, billie holiday, blogs, bob dylan, books, books(the actual objects), caffeine, cat power, cello, chocolate, cinema, cinnamon, coffee, concerts, cooking, corsets, count basie, daniel clowes, dorothy parker, duke ellington, dwight schrute, ella fitzgerald, elliot smith, elliott smith, fedoras, feist, film noir, fiona apple, fire, folk, fonts, food, foreign films, frank sinatra, freaks and geeks, geeks, good pens, graphic design, handwriting, hank williams, hardwood floors, hipsters, imac, indie music, janis joplin, jeff buckley, john lee hooker, leonard cohen, literature, marilyn monroe, meditation, mermaids, momentum, movies, my so-called life, neko case, nerds, neutral milk hotel, nick drake, notebooks, obsessive lists, office space, outlaw country music, pablo neruda, people watching, philosophy, pin-up girls, project runway, publishing, radiohead, reading, real soul music, relaxation, retro, richard buckner, rumi, sartre, serenity, short stories, smoothies, social anxiety, soul music, steno notebooks, storytelling, sushi, sylvia plath, tea, the beatles, the clash, the decemberists, the internet, the new pornographers, the office, the pixies, the shins, the white stripes, thelonious monk, thrift shopping, tom waits, tomatoes, typography, velvet underground, vintage clothes, vintage clothing, violent femmes, vladimir nabokov, wes anderson, wine, woody allen, words, writing